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Is your revenue forecast a “crappy spreadsheet” ?

October 12, 2021

If it is then I bring you good news; it doesn’t have to be. Help is here. AgencyMAP.io is a revenue forecast for Agencies. Pure and simple. And it’s free - go to agencymap.io to try it.

The “crappy spreadsheet” came from a conversation I had recently and it struck a chord with me. 

Firstly, because believe me I’ve seen some bad spreadsheets in my time (from overly complicated, colour coded frankenstein monsters to where they have been simplified to the point where they’re practically useless). So I could sympathise.

Secondly it underlined the reason why I set out to build agencymap.io in the first place - to replace the spreadsheet as the main forecasting tool for Agencies. 

Spreadsheets are incredibly useful and flexible. They’re just not ideal for what’s needed to make a good forecast. There are too many variables. There are too many reasons they can go wrong. Insert a row in the wrong place; fail to copy a formula across and your spreadsheet goes very quickly from useful to useless.

If you want to add some real life into your forecast such as the to and fro of a pipeline which feeds your forecast then the degree of spreadsheet difficulty increases dramatically. You can quickly end up managing the spreadsheet rather than your Agency.

Sound familiar? Then sign up for free at agencymap.io. Ditch the spreadsheet and embrace a new and better way to manage revenue forecasting.

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