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Survive or thrive?

April 30, 2021

A good revenue forecast won’t make your clients happier; it won’t make your agency more creative or your coding more elegant.

What it will do is help you manage your costs in line with your income. It will provide a warning of harder times coming or it will provide you the security of knowing you can afford to recruit and remain profitable.

I’ve seen some shocking forecasts over the years. Over complicated, over optimistic and at their worst a very real threat to the survival of your agency.

Turning that round to make the forecast a roadmap to thriving is easier than you think.

“It involves separating confirmed revenue from pipeline opportunities.”

Knowing your confirmed from your probables

It involves separating confirmed revenue from pipeline opportunities.

It means being able to scenario plan for the many, many things that affect revenue and costs.

It should show what effect those scenarios have on your cash flow.

If you have something that does the above well, then congratulations. However, if you haven’t or you’d like to improve on what you currently use I may have just the thing for you.

MAP is a forecast tool like no other. Designed by agency professionals for agency professionals it will help you survive then thrive.

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